Everyone deserves personal assistance.

As a young company, we have been active in IT consulting for several years. Our mission is to help people achieve their business goals more easily. In our opinion, every employee deserves a personal assistant who keeps his head free for important tasks. We are convinced that people can work more creatively and productively. With Sally, we want to do our part to help organizations become more efficient and competitive.


8 People

Mafinex Technologiezentrum

The minds behind Sally in Detail

Nicolas Gude
Chief Sales Officer

Julian Kissel
Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Fenrich
BackEnd Engineer

Benedikt Dreher
App Specialist

Yanick Vetter

Fabian Kissel
IT Consultant

Sudipt Panda
Product Engineer

Vicky Vishal Sahu
FrontEnd Engineer

Ready for the A-Team?

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