Sally for Developers


Design the workflow with Sally

The implementation and individual adaptation of new software solutions is usually a costly investment for companies. Our goal is to make Sally’s implementation as easy and user-friendly as possible. We have developed a low-code platform that allows you to tailor Sally to the needs of your customer or business. This means that time-consuming programming is only necessary in a few cases. Essentially, the following adjustments can be made.



Real conversations are usually dynamic and jump back and forth between individual dialogues and topics. The design of the individual dialogues is therefore important for a successful course of conversation. Communication with Sally can be carried out completely via our platform and individually adapted.


Triggers trigger functions. A trigger or a trigger function describes an action that Sally is to perform when a specific event occurs. Example: A sales representative should receive information about the call participant five minutes before departure to the next customer appointment.


The connection of company-internal data runs via a so-called connector. Connectors are implemented once per system. Connectors already exist for larger CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, so that companies with such systems can start using Sally directly. The connector implements an interface that provides metadata, among other things. Configurations and adaptations to company-specific data models are therefore no problem.

On our GitHub-page you will find further information on how to provide a connector for a system.


Companies usually have different data models to represent their business processes. Sally’s structural structure allows companies to use existing data models. Each connected CRM system can be completely configured simply by drag’n’drop.


All changes to dialogues and triggers are bundled in a construct which we call a plugin. Plugins are containers and can also be made available for general use in the course of a planned publish process. Thus we enable third party vendors to build their own business model. Example: An airline writes a dialog for booking flights.

Our vision is to enable the adaptation of bots like Sally completely without programming knowledge in the coming years. With our Low-Code Admin Platform, we have already reached the first milestones.

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