Sally - Your digital sales support

Sally helps your employees:

  • Find information more easily
  • Intuitive guidance through processes
  • With one Sally access to multiple systems

Your employees will love Sally because she simplifies their daily work.

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Why Sally Assistant?

πŸ’‘ Information advantage

Sally is available around the clock to assist the customer and the employees. In doing so, she learns about the interests and wishes of the customer, which gives you clear customer profiles. Her proactive approach enables you to keep product development close to customer needs, allowing you to check the needs of hundreds of your customers simultaneously with just one click.

+53% Sales increase

πŸ“ˆ Customer information

Sally gets to know the interests of the clients. In this way, cross-selling and up-selling potential can be efficiently anticipated and automatically raised. Satisfactory advice is often the key to success. With Sally you have an AI who learns to advise your customers competently on products.

+18% Sales

☝ Efficiency increase

Sally gives answers about orders, products and much more. This allows your organisation to focus on the essentials. Through her learning function, she practically expands herself to create even more value for your customers in the future. Targeting customers also saves your marketing budget.

-38% Support requests

Radiate competence

Customer are buying products more and more frequently if the advice they receive on the product is professional and competent. Since, e.g. in the B2B environment, buyers can access information faster and faster themselves with the help of the Internet, it is important to invest in the competence of your own sales department.

With Sally, the sales force can be trained and receive targeted information on products and services from within the company. The professional competence increases and a potential customer becomes a paying customer faster.

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Productive even while driving

Groundbreaking ideas as well as memories of the next steps in winning a new customer usually come unexpectedly, e.g. during a car journey. A reminder would be handy, but with both hands on the steering wheel the time can be used exclusively for driving.

With Sally, these reminders can be recorded and stored directly via voice. In this way, visit reports can also be spoken and appointments can be prepared in the car.

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Speed as the key to success

Customers usually opt for:

  • The first offer they receive
  • The supplier, who will answer your question competently first

With Sally, you give your employees the support they need to efficiently answer questions about products, orders, offers, and more. This shortens your response time to the customer and thus not only increases the success rate but also customer satisfaction.

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Efficient system interaction

Customer relationship management systems are often criticized. It is not easy to keep master data up-to-date and complete. The reason for this is often that entering or finding information requires a certain level of knowledge, which can only be generated temporarily with training.

This is exactly where Sally makes the vital difference. With Sally, systems can be filled and queried simply by voice. In addition to the efficiency advantage, the information advantage gained through this plays an important role.

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The Enterprise Platform

Maintain one language, use eight languages

Our “Sally Standard” enables direct use and at the same time simplifies the integration process through plug ‘n’ play. With its unique AI, it is trained in only one language and directly supports eight different languages.

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